• Navigation and Safety: Smart yachts can feature advanced navigation systems and sensors to enhance the vessel's movement and safety on the water. Automated systems can alert to navigation hazards and assist in controlling the yacht.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient systems in smart yachts can help minimize consumption. Smart solutions, such as automatic control of lighting or air conditioning, can optimize energy costs.
  • Security Systems: Security systems implemented in smart yachts may include cameras, motion detectors, and sensors to help prevent thefts and damages.
  • Remote Access and Control: Smart yachts can be remotely controlled and monitored using smartphones or other devices. This allows owners to supervise and control yacht functions from a distance.
  • Convenience: Convenience features in smart yachts may involve automatically controlled air conditioning, entertainment systems, and other home-like comforts that owners can enjoy on the yacht.
  • Maintenance and Diagnostics: Built-in systems in smart yachts can track the vessel's condition and equipment. This enables owners and maintenance professionals to detect issues in a timely manner and address faulty components.

The advantages of smart yachts, thanks to innovative technologies, can enhance the safety, convenience, and efficiency of navigation. However, it's important to note that these systems often come with higher costs, and owners need to be prepared for the special handling and maintenance required for this type of navigation.